Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy - Expandable - Water Resistant - Bath Organizer for Cell Phone Book iPad

Manufacturer: OH
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  • READ OR WATCH A MOVIE - Reading and watching movies in the tub just got a whole lot easier! Our bamboo bathtub caddy includes a rustproof metal bar to hold your book or tablet, with three slots to adjust your reading angle to suit your needs. The grooves keep your book or tablet at the right angle and helps prevent them from sliding into the tub. Now you can read or watch a movie while relaxing in the tub without worry.
  • ENJOY A DRINK - Turn an ordinary bath into a luxurious spa event. Our unique bath tray organizer includes a built in holder for your wine glass. This secure wine glass slot means no more worries about your glass sliding into the tub. Now you can relax in the tub with your favorite drink held securely in our wooden bathtub tray.
  • ROOMY - When it's time to relax in a luxurious bubble bath, you want to make sure you have everything you need. Our attractive bamboo bathtub tray organizer has room for your soap, a candle, your cell phone, a snack, and a tablet or book. With specific slots for each item, no worries about items falling into the bath water and no more jumping out of the tub to answer your cell phone - it's right there on your tray!
  • WHY BAMBOO? - Bamboo is naturally water resistant, durable, sturdy and beautiful, which makes it the perfect material for a wood bathtub tray. We use only the highest quality 100% Eco-Friendly bamboo in the manufacture of our bathtub caddies. Rest assured that your new bamboo bath tub tray will last through many baths without losing its beauty or its shape.
  • FITS MOST BATHTUBS AND JACUZZIS - Expanding from 29.5" to 43", our bathtub tray easily accommodates most bath tubs and jacuzzis with a secure, worry free fit. This makes our bathtub tray a thoughtful, unique gift for anyone who enjoys a long bubble bath soak. No assembly required, just take out of the box, adjust it to your tub, fill it with your tablet, glass of wine, soap, candle, soap, and you're ready for a nice long soak.