Car Seat Travel Bag – Durable, Water-Resistant Gate Check Bag with Adjustable Straps – Protector Traveling Bag Cover Carrier Must-Have Baby Travel Accessories for Airplanes and Trains by AMT Pro Blue

Manufacturer: AMT Pro
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TRAVELING MADE EASY - When you have small children, airplane travel can seem daunting. After all, babies come with a lot of extra things to remember (or forget)! But with the AMT car seat bag for airplane travel, lugging around your child's car seat is a breeze!
A BIT OF COMFORT - Let's face it: carrying around luggage is a pain! And the odd shapes of most car seats make them even harder to lug around. Our car seat bag comes with padded shoulder straps, allowing you to comfortably carry the child's seat like a backpack when you're in transit.
TAKE A CLOSER LOOK - While most travel car seat covers can get the job done, only ours offers added features that make the job EASIER. Our gate check bag for car seats has a zippered pouch that also holds your boarding passes, IDs, and other personal belonging essential. It even sports a bag ID slot, so airline employees will know whom to contact in the event of lost luggage.
FLY HIGH, STAY DRY - Travel is full of uncertainties, one of the biggest being the condition your luggage will be in once you reach your destination. The last thing you need is to get to where you're going, only to find your child's car seat is damaged or wet. Our car seat travel bag is made of durable, water-resistant nylon, to keep your car seat safe from the elements.
OUR PROMISE TO YOU - You're going to be amazed by the difference the AMT Pro gate check car seat bag makes in your travel experience! But we know that things happen, so we're also including a 1-year warranty that will cover all manufacturing defects, broken straps, or water damage.