Clear Cosmetic Makeup and Jewelry Organizer by KP Solutions | Acrylic Beauty Products Storage Box|Brush Holder Tower with Drawers|Countertop Vanity Tools Organization Container for Bathroom (3 Drawer)

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TIDY UP YOUR VANITY COUNTER: No more searching for your lipsticks and eyeliners in your bathroom drawers!Organize your cosmetic chaos with a simple and elegant, acrylic makeup organizer box that will keep all your beauty products neatly stored and ready to use at all times! The removable black mesh padding is perfect for jewellery storage and will make sure your earrings, necklaces and bracelets remain safely protected until next use.
MULTICOMPARTMENT & CONVENIENT: This vanity organizer tower comes in two pieces that will compact all your beauty products from lipsticks and mascaras to palettes and eye shadow pans. The top part features spacious lipstick and pencil slots, as well as brush holders, while the bottom part has four convenient drawers, perfect for keeping your jewellery, powders and compact foundations.
KEEP EVERYTHING VISIBLE: Tired of searching for your eyeliner every time you need it? Not anymore.Ultra sturdy and with a convenient, clear acrylic design, this countertop beauty tools organization container will allow you to find anything you're looking for without wasting precious time or energy. Stylish and discreet, it will instantly elevate any room décor.
SAVE SPACE ON YOUR COUNTER: Don't want a bulky makeup organizer that will eat up a lot of precious space on your desk or bathroom? No problem. With a compact and space-saving design, this cosmetic vanity organizer is an excellent solution for any woman, who wants to keep her beauty accessories neatly organized, without cluttering her spaces. Dimensions:9 3/8" W x 5 3/8" D x 7 ¼" H
GET IT WITH CONFIDENCE: Backed by our famous, money back guarantee and 2 year quality warranty (only charge postage $5.75-15), you have nothing to lose! Are you still reading? Order yours today and organize your beauty counter!