Commercial Manual Citrus Juicer

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COMMERCIAL MANUAL JUICER EXTRACTOR: If you love healthy citrus juices but your hate old plastic juicers, then we got you covered. We have designed the ultimate manual juicer extractor that is suitable for both personal and professional use. It is ideal for home use, perfect for pubs and cafeterias, for healthy juice centers, restaurants or cocktail bars! It won't take up a lot of space since it measures 22x18x40cm (8.6x7x15.7inches) and will compliment any given place around.
DURABLE MEDICAL STAINLESS STEEL JUICER: Do not compromise with anything less than perfection when it comes to manual juicers, because you and your family simply deserve the best. Our manual citrus juicer is made from high quality medical stainless steel and will offer you endless and perfectly squeezed juices for the many years to come! You may rest assured that it won't corrode or rust since it is designed for some heavy duty squeezing.
FIXED AXIS, STRONG IRON BASE & ERGONOMIC HANDLE: KP Solutions stainless steel juicer is designed in a way, so as to be extremely easy and convenient to be used by everyone. The fixed axis will allow you to squeeze the juice out of all kinds of fruits whilst the strong iron base will secure it on any surface around the house. No more slipping juicers and hand fatigue for you! Its build in ergonomic handle will facilitate the pushing of the lever to the fullest without causing any wrist pains!
MULTIPURPOSE ORANGE JUICER MANUAL MACHINE: Upon designing this juicer machine, we tried to make it as multipurpose as possible. You can squeeze numerous fruits and vegetables like lemons, avocados, oranges, pomegranates, limes, grapefruits, apples, pomelos and more! Do not worry about pulp and pith because they will be held in the strainer core, leaving only freshly squeezed juice behind! The detachable cone and funnel can be easily cleaned by simply tossing them in the dishwasher.
PROFESSIONAL COMPACT BLACK HEAVY DUTY JUICER: If you love fresh and rejuvenating juices in the comfort of your living room without having to spend a small fortune on so called freshly squeezed juices, then this professional juicer is the way to go. Being portable, cordless and without the need of electricity to be working, you can place it on the kitchen's countertop and drink your favourite juice every day! Healthy juice snacking for your children has never been that easy and delicious!