D.G GADGET Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Animal Speaker (Bear)

Manufacturer: D.G GADGET
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ULTRA-PORTABLE: Our adorable animal-shaped mini Bluetooth speaker is pocket size, and portable. These mini wireless speakers are well designed and offer a whopping 3 Watts in sound output
EASY-TO-USE: Simply using Bluetooth connect your cell phone or tablet and enjoy up to 4 hours of play time. As a bluetooth speaker or party speaker, kids will love the wireless speakers
GREAT TECHNOLOGY: A cool feature is a built-in microphone that lets you make or receive calls as a phone speaker. Play music, hit pause, and answer calls on the mini Bluetooth speaker
AWESOME DESIGNS: With 4 animal wireless speakers available, choose a panda, dog, pig, or bear! The Bluetooth speakers are small and practical with dimensions of 1.7 D X 1.77 inch
QUALITY: The mini-speaker boasts excellent quality sound for both children and adults. People always smile when popping out and connecting your animal party speakers!