Global SmartBuy Reading Pillow Shredded Foam Bed Rest Pillow | Pillow Chair with Arms - 18 inch (Dark Grey, Large)

Manufacturer: Global SmartBuy
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PROMOTES GOOD POSTURE: Say goodbye to old lumpy pillows and say Hello to the new foam support! Made with NON-TOXIC shredded foam. Global Smart backrest pillows are specially designed to mold to your body while keeping their shape. Where other pillows go flat this back support pillow stands up, literally! From your back to your shoulders, this armrest pillow with arms takes the pain away. No more awkward sitting from stacked, conventional pillows
ADJUSTS FOR YOUR COMFORT: Forget those conventional pillows that are way too hard or way too soft, this specially designed upright sitting pillow comes with a quick access zipper on the cover that allows you to stuff or unstuff the internal foam at your discretion for a comfort level that suits you. These light grey, lightweight, heavy-duty velour sit-up-pillows with armrests come with a top handle for easy carrying and a special side pocket great for holding TV remotes or cell phon
EASY TO GRAB AND GO: This special designed upright pillow with armrest will keep you relaxed while your reading a book, working on your laptop, or watching TV in bed. It's perfect when you are looking for the extra support when those traditional pillows go flat. Watch as your kids curl up to read a comic book or play video games while sitting on the floor, the couch or on their favorite chair. It can even keep you propped up on those sick days with a head cold, congestion or bad indigestion
SNUGGLE FRIENDLY: There is nothing better than a hug, especially one from a bed chair pillow with arms. This back pillow for bed is a great reading pillow for kids and adults alike. Great as a husband pillow, boyfriend pillow, and much more. Sit and relax with your arms legs propped up or just lounge around in the arms of your very own sit-up-pillow. Cozy up with the soft, plush velour material and get one more episode, game level, or chapter done before the night
WASH AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Pillow is delivered compressed to optimize shipping. After opening, the pillow will expand to normal size within 24 hours. Due to packing requirements, the pillow might have a slight odor that will dissipate after being placed in a well-vented area. The scent is harmless and will not affect the properties of your new pillow. To clean the pillow cover simply remove and machine wash on the normal cycle in cold water