High Five Multi-Angle Template Ruler Adjustable Measuring Template Tool, for Trades, Woodwork, Quilting (ABS, Blue)

Manufacturer: Across the Universue
SKU: rol586hf55bl
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Craftsman's Friend: Whether woodworking, quilting, laying tile, or you're an artist at a drawing board, High Five helps you keep your lines straight and angles right
Create and Measure Complicated, Multi-Angle Layouts: Duplicate an unusual joining, ensure the flooring fits in that odd angle corner. This 4-ruler set lets you create a template for any job
Four Rulers, Endless Combinations: Slide and lock each ruler up, down, in, away, create squares, triangles, diamonds, rectangles and so many more. Take one screw out to create open-ended shapes
No Need for Multiple Separate Tools: This ruler can be a T-square, right-angle, even create circles! Measure smart, make it easy on yourself, keep your toolbox clutter down
Universal Adaptability: Measure once, create a template you can use over and over. This multi-use, multi-angle, multi-measurement tool fits in your toolbox - and your life!