KP Solution Wireless Digital Electronic Meat Thermometer for Cooking, Grilling, Oven, 2 Probes, Smart Remote Control

Manufacturer: KP
SKU: kp019termo180
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Keep A Close Eye On Your Food From A Safe Distance! Whether grilling, charbroiling, baking or frying: The two included prongs clip on a fryer or stay inserted in your turkey for remote monitoring
Instant Read From Multiple Probes: Monitor two separate dishes at the same time. You get a 3" and a 6" probe to fit foods from BBQ to hams to steaks to chicken to pot roasts
Your Precise Gourmet Coach: Use the smart presets covering a range of different foods and doneness levels to cook to USDA standards, or customize levels to your chefs heart's delight
Never Fear Over Or Undercooking your food again. Whether it's your smoker, in the oven, indoors or outdoors, you'll handily and accurately monitor your frying, grilling or roasting
Supports Up To 6 Probes! You've already got dual functionality when you buy this digital meat cooking thermometer - get ready to be a kitchen ninja and monitor up to 6 dishes from up to 130 feet away