KP Solutions Spin Mop Bucket Wringer | Durable Stainless Steel Spin Dry Bucket & Telescopic Handle | Soft Washable Absorbent Microfiber Heads | Build In Soap Dispenser & Easy Foot Pedal Mop Rotation

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THE EASIEST WRINGER SPIN MOP & BUCKET: If you are looking for effective and time saving ways to clean up the whole house without breaking a sweat, then we got you covered. We have designed the ultimate spinning mop and bucket washing set that will become your cleaning buddy from now on. Our silent spin bucket will allow you to clean any surface around the house or work and keep your floors spotless every single time!
DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Forget all about cheaply made cleaning buckets and invest on our ultra-resilient spin dry basket. Made from high quality stainless steel, we can guarantee that this basket won't corrode, rust or absorb any repelling odors. It will spin and spin your mop till the last drop of water is squeezed out, without leaving the floors full of water stains. Don't you just hate it that?
ABSORBENT MICROFIBER REPLACEMENT HEADS: Stop spending a small fortune on disposable cotton mop heads and trust our replacement microfiber mop! It is made from soft and super absorbent microfibers that will suck up all the dirt and dust from any given area thus keeping your precious wooden or marble floors intact. No more scratching with our soft and easily washable spinning mop cloths! The finest cleaning system is finally available for you!
MULTIPURPOSE ROTATING MOP BUCKET: Upon designing this 360° rotating mop and bucket kit we tried to make it extremely convenient and multipurpose in use. Besides keeping your house floors clean and spotless, you can clean your car and your windows as well. No more stretching for you with our long telescopic handle that will facilitate the cleaning to the fullest. This mop can reach hard to get areas where other mops simply can's and clean even furniture! Pure perfection, right?
ERGONOMIC SWIRL MOP WITH PEDAL & SOAP DISPENSER: Choose among our 3 vibrant colors light purple, chocolate brown and sea teal and mop your house in style. The bucket has a build in soap dispenser so as to intensify the cleaning when there is a need. Use the ergonomic foot pedal to spin and rinse the excess water without pushing the handle up and down thus causing wrist fatigue. You may rest assured that the bucket won't slide around since it is equipped with anti-slip patches on the bottom.