Massage Stick Muscle Roller - Body Massage Stick Back Roller Massage Bar Leg Roller for Muscles Neck Massager Pressure Point - Relief Cramping and Tightness

Manufacturer: open mind
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Give Yourself the Gift of Recovery: Increase circulation relieve soreness avoid injury and complete your workout with our black metal professional hand held massager tool
Precision Pinpointing of Pressure Spots: The ball targets myofascial knots and plantar fasciitis or roll in your palms for gentle stimulation.
Relax Restore Alleviate: Knead away stiffness cramping stretch those flexors boost wellbeing and increase mobility with two massage methods.
Soothe Tight Tissue: Whether on your back hamstrings calves or neck these therapeutic rollers will aid physiotherapy reduce tension and strain. It
An Essential Element of Fitness: For training in treatment or just at work remove tension enhance performance and mobility with this kit.