Mojito Muddler 11.5 In Professional-Grade Beech wood - Best Drinks and Cocktails Bar Tool By SHIKSHOOK ; Won't Shred or Taint Like Plastic, Stainless Steel or Cheap Wooden Muddlers

Manufacturer: Shikshook
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Wood muddler 11.5" extra long No more banging your knuckles on the side of the shaker! big enough to keep your hands
Solid wood made - constructed of eco-friendly solid wood, strong and durable; not varnished or lacquered ; retain the flavor
Designed for ergonomics, comfort and quality, this muddler was created from scratch by a career bartender to reduce hand stress
Naturally anti-bacterial and carbonized, unlike others is sanitary, easy to clean, won't fill with brackish water
Versatile & durable This is no skinny muddler! this will be the last muddler you ever buy. the perfect choice for your Mojito