Premium 2 Piece Car Duster Brush Set, Perfect Microfiber Tool for Cleaning Exterior and Interior Without Leaving A Single Scratch, Free Gift: Magnetic Car Mount

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COMPLETE CAR DUSTING KIT: The Z&O CAR AND HOME DUSTER KIT is the answer to cleaning the exterior and interior of your vehicle or home and office in a simple and efficient way; arriving in a zippered case are one extending long brush and one round smaller brush for all dusting jobs; perfect for those who want to keep their possessions clean and dirt free; with FREE Magnetic Car Mount
DOUBLE THE COVERAGE: The Z&O CAR AND HOME DUSTER KIT's large brush has a long three hundred sixty degree head for quick cleaning as it easily sucks up dust; the smaller round duster is flat, able to get in between surfaces to clean the area; both heads on the dusters are made of a wrapped or foam style microfiber; with our large brush you do not have to reach far or use a step stool to clean;
QUALITY MATERIALS USED: Measuring twenty-one by seven by almost four inches, the large Z&O CAR AND HOME DUSTER has a stainless steel shaft that expands to X inches long that includes the X inch long brush and a rubberized handle; the smaller duster measures X inches long, X inches wide, and X inches tall with a sturdy plastic black handle; with a see-through vinyl case with red inserts and a zipper, the storage case measures X by X by X inches;
SAVE TIME AND MONEY: With the Z&O CAR AND HOME DUSTER KIT, you save time and money since you can go longer in between car washes and clean your car, truck, SUV, van, vehicle, boat, motorcycle, home, or office quickly without leaving scratches, smudges, or dirt; our competitors offer only one brush for the price, but you get two in our complete kit; the smaller duster's cover can be removed and machined washed;
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Because we know our product is top quality, we offer a six month warranty; if you are not completely satisfied at any time or for any reason, contact us for a replacement or full refund within six months, no questions asked; BUY WITH CONFIDENCE the Z&O CAR AND HOME DUSTER KIT and get both premium cleaning brushes for the cost on one