SeaNoyA Posture Corrector Clavicle Support Brace (XL)

Manufacturer: SeaNoya Marketing Grp
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Ease tension and pain: Slouching or hunching create tight, sore back muscles. When your shoulders and spine are aligned correctly, you naturally relax, and pain eases
Straighten up and breathe right! When you're hunched, you put pressure on your diaphragm, restricting breathing and oxygen uptake. Full breathing helps with energy, your mood and concentration
Engage your core without effort: Once this clavicle brace pulls your shoulders back where they belong, you'll notice your abs naturally start working to help keep correct posture
Build strength and confidence: As your core strengthens, muscle memory takes over. Correct, open posture has been shown to build personal confidence, too!
Adjustable for men and women over a range of size: This simple easy-to-use brace features long straps, with a hook-and-loop wrap closure that ensures a custom fit for a wide range of people and sizes