Special Kitchen Utensil Set With Stand Include:Bottle Opener,Pizza Cutter,Ice Cream Scoop,Grater,Apple Corer,Peeler,Cheese Slicer 7pcs and BONUS

Manufacturer: Free Gift
SKU: 07-A46S-3MZK
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A HANDY STARTING KITCHEN UTENSIL KIT: You need a versatile, durable collection of gadgets, but your drawers are full of other stuff. We hear you! The compact stand keeps these safely contained and organized
RUST PROOF? BUT OF COURSE: The hard plastic handles and alloy metals are constructed to withstand long-term use on fruits, veggies and prepared foods. They won't rust and washing them is a breeze
VERSATILITY ON YOUR COUNTER: No more fumbling and scrabbling in a drawer. The included organizer holder lets you store this set safely, yet right at your fingertips while prepping your meal
MEAL PREP COMPANION: This set includes a peeler, bottle opener, cheese slicer/spatula, fruit corer, grater/zester, ice cream scoop, pizza cutter, and, just because, a bonus peeler/shredder/zester tool with a hole for stripping fresh herbs!
KEEP THINGS IN HAND: The unique ergonomic shape of the wide, round handles lets you or your kids keep a firm grip, even with wet hands. Better grasp = better control = easier meal prep!